6h is…

…a marketing and brand strategy consultancy with more than 25 years of experience collaborating with executives across a broad range of industries on the customer-facing aspects of business strategy.

My job is to help clients build efficient solutions scalable to mass markets.  I help them use insight, technology and their own expertise to define target audiences, create and refine offers, track behavior and optimize customer value.

I am also fascinated by the human dynamic at the heart of effective marketing and I believe my work is essentially about creating personal connections between sellers and their customers. I put the 6h offices in Seattle’s Pike Place Market so that I can see this dynamic in action every day; and wherever I travel in the world, I visit public markets to remind me that at its core effective marketing is a sensory, emotional experience of discovery and satisfaction.

What we do

6h helps growth-oriented companies develop business and product concepts, launch businesses and products nationally and globally, build and grow powerful global brands. Some of the international brands we have worked with include:

We also work with community-building organizations, helping them apply brand and marketing strategies to advance their missions. Organizations we have worked with include:

How we work

We work with a limited number of clients, usually 3-4 at one time, in order to give them and their issues the focused attention they require and deserve.

We are comfortable working on multifaceted projects with multiple stakeholders. We also play well with clients’ agencies and other consulting partners.

We work on either project fees or ongoing retainers and some of our clients are long-term partners. We do not bill based on hourly rates; instead we organize client engagements around projects with defined goals, timelines and deliverables, so that clients can budget and plan with a clear understanding of the value they will receive.

About us

Paul Neal formed 6h Consulting in 2001. Prior to that, he was Senior Vice President and Director of Account Strategy for Cole & Weber in Seattle.  He also spent a year living in London and Milan setting up the account planning function at Red Cell, the global agency network owned by WPP. Paul is a past board president for the Photo Center Northwest and the Northwest AIDS Foundation. He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Washington, Seattle University and the University of Arkansas.

Contact us

206.382.2490          Paul@sixhconsulting.com